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Health Benefits of Yellow Tea

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yellow tea6Yellow tea is ideal for tea drinkers who like green tea but want to avoid stomach upset that can occur from drinking it. As a result of its slow fermentation process, yellow tea is considered by many to be very beneficial for the spleen and stomach. It is good at correcting indigestion, stimulating the appetite and helping with weight loss.

The natural substance which is effective in anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory is remained up to 85% in yellow tea after processing, making it having its own distinctive health benefits. Recent scientific studies found yellow tea rich in tea polyphenols, polysaccharide, vitamins and amino acids has special effect on preventing and curing esophageal cancer.

Promotes longevity. This can be said for all foods with a high antioxidant content. The free radicals, which antioxidants fight, are closely linked to cell damage and cell death, which appear to be the cause of why we age physically.



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